Dentistry of PB Case Studies

Single Implants:

A tooth can be lost due to fracture, decay or gum disease. The modern way to replace a tooth while preserving the adjacent teeth is a single dental implant. Dr. Hornsby treats most implants in our office under local anesthesia, but other options are available for complicated cases requiring IV sedation or extensive reconstructive surgery.

All on 4

Implant bridges that replace all the teeth in an arch are called “All on 4”. This is the most ideal way to replace missing teeth because they look natural and are not removed by the patient. This process is usually done in one surgical day to remove the teeth and placing an acrylic temporary bridge, followed by finalizing the case 4 months later with a permanent ceramic bridge.


A great option is implants in combination with dentures when a patient is missing all of the teeth in an arch. Implants securely hold the dentures in place by Snapping the denture on top of the implants. Most often 4 implants is needed for top teeth and 2 implants are needed for the bottom.

Smile Makeovers:

If a patient requires major treatment due to broken, missing or decayed teeth Dr. Hornsby will create a smile makeover and complete reconstruction. Depending on a patient’s needs a smile makeover may include porcelain crowns, veneers, implants or a combination of these options. A new smile is life-changing.