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Veneers in San Diego:

If you are looking for veneers in San Diego, then contact the Cosmetic Dentistry Center of San Diego in downtown San Diego today. Veneers are a viable restorative option for teeth that are structurally intact. They can correct misalignment, imperfections in the front teeth, as well as staining due to developmental defects such as tetracycline staining or enamel defects. 

What are veneers? Veneers are minimally prepared porcelain restoration that can transform your smile. A very thin (0.5mm) ultra-strong material is used to cover the surface of your teeth. Minimal drilling is necessary to remove surface irregularities and prepare the tooth for permanent bonding. A special type of impression of your teeth is made, and the laboratory fabricates your custom veneers.

The type of recommended restoration depends primarily on the extent of the defect to be corrected, and the underlying tooth structure. Since the finishing margin must lie in structurally sound enamel for a good prognosis long-term, it is important that no fillings or caries exist between the teeth. If there are problems between the teeth, then a more aggressive restoration (3/4 crown, or Full Crown) is indicated.

Recent advances in materials have produced super-strong ultra-thin material for veneers to be made out of. Lumineers and Vivaneers (specific brands of veneers) are examples of these products. The benefit to you is the preservation of your natural structure.

Contact us to set up a consultation with our specialist to answer any questions you may have about enhancing your smile with veneers!