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Sleep Appliances and Snoring Guards:

Our San Diego dentists can help you with the right sleep appliance and snoring guards. There are many reasons that one may need an appliance to wear as they are sleeping. Damaging behaviors like bruxism from teeth grinding may damage teeth or dental restorations.

Nightguards are a type of retainer and are recommended to protect against damaging forces on the surfaces and edges of high risk patients, or those already demonstrating wear patterns on their teeth.

A reduction in sleep apnea may improve with a snoring guard. We recommend a consultation and sleep study with an ENT, or qualified sleep medicine physician.

Sleeping appliances that reduce snoring by repositioning the jaw are also an option. There are many different varieties of mandibular reposition appliances and different appliances may be recommended for different situations.

Schedule a call with our San Diego dentists to see how we can best serve you with any sleep appliance questions you may have.