Dentistry Of PB Technology


Want to learn more about how our San Diego dentist team utilizes Isolite during your cleaning visit? You are in the right place. The ISOLITE is a great technological advantage that really maximizes patient comfort while receiving dental treatment. This device acts as a mouth prop, retracts the tongue and cheek, and illuminates the field for more effective visualization. Delicate intraoral structures are protected from sharp instruments and patient safety is greatly enhanced.

The ISOLITE is a revolutionary device that prevents the patient from swallowing ‘not so delicious’ flavored products used in dental restorations. Fragments of old restorations are also stopped by this barrier.

This invaluable device limits the intraoral time (and hands) necessary for retraction and suction. The assistant’s intraoral time is greatly reduced- needed only in critical parts of the procedure. This is a new service that most patients have not experienced. Once they try it, patients love it!