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Dentures and Partials in San Diego

If you’re in need of dentures, partials, or replacement dentures, then contact Cosmetic Dentistry Center of San Diego in downtown San Diego today for an appointment. Our prosthodontist is an expert at fabrication of dentures and denture reline. So, whether you need replacements or new dentures, you can expect to receive best in class care. The time frame for having dentures made varies, but it shouldn’t take more than 6 weeks if you’re getting new dentures.

Over time, some people with dentures may need replacing from poor fit or from hundreds of thousands of chewing cycles that wear out the biting surfaces of the teeth and flatten them. This in turn may wear out the front teeth and makes them much shorter. Denture reline may be necessary for ill-fitting dentures. 

Studies have shown that the supporting bony structures underneath dentures resorb over time causing dentures and partials to fit less securely over time. Impression technique is paramount in making dentures and partials that fit as well as your anatomy allows. You can count on our San Diego prosthodontist to help you with your dentures and partials with this in mind.